I F-ed Up

The Real F Word is Failure

Yep, I admit it, I’ve been guilty of something most of us do – failing to say ‘no’ when things no longer served me. You know that feeling, right? When you’re stuck on a path that’s starting to feel off, but you keep marching along anyway. Well, that was me, trudging through the muck until I literally could not anymore, leading to the transformation of SSM Creative Collective into the badass, brand-slaying beaut I’m calling BizCo Studio.

The Reality of Pivoting in Business

Pivoting in business is weird, it’s wild, and it’s a bit nerve-wracking. It’s an identity crisis for a sec. For me, BizCo Studio wasn’t just a rebrand; it was a complete overhaul of what I thought my business was about. It’s about realizing that staying stagnant just doesn’t work. It’s a journey of finding what truly resonates with YOU and your audience.

Five women sitting on a couch, hugging and smiling at the camera. Previous SSM Creative Collective team. I F-ed Up new blog from SSM Business Collective

“We’re sorry, the old SSM can’t come to the phone right now.”

Ironically, the brand you all know and (I think, love?) wasn’t even the OG brand. I kicked off my journey in 2019 with Samm Sawyer Media, on accident, without planning, and with a whole lot of “what am I even doing?!” moments. I learned EVERYTHING. I pulled way too many all-nighters, cried a ton, and lived in the lovely land of OVERWHELMED PLZ SEND HELP. But over time, I realized that the essence of what I wanted to offer had evolved.

Turns out that naming your business after yourself means that people want to just speak to you and after spending way too many days solely responding to emails, I needed to distribute and delegate. I craved a crew to work with, and we became SSM Creative Collective, rocking a team of 12 at our peak for the last 3 years.

Now, as we stride firmly into 2024, a new shift has happened. I’ve been clinging to the hustle out of fear of failure. A brand isn’t just a name; it’s the whole package – the service, the business owner, the blood, sweat, and tears. When that brand doesn’t spark joy anymore, it’s time to pivot. So, BizCo Studio was born – a brand that’s authentically me and lets me do what I want to spend my days doing. Why own your own business if it’s sucking the life out of you?

Facing the F Word: Fear of Failure

I used to think it was easier to keep going than to change. I wanted more success, not for myself but to better support my team and clients. Is that noble? Sure. Aligned with my values? Nope. I was selling myself out and hanging on to avoid the BIG F WORD — FAILURE.

The path to BizCo Studio wasn’t cute. The biggest hurdle has been the fear of failure. I was taught as a kid that once you start something, you don’t quit. You follow through, even if you HATE basketball and really would rather read books.

Embracing change means going head-to-head with this fear. This shift had its fair share of doubt and uncertainty, but it molded BizCo Studio into what it is today – a symbol of growth and resilience. I tell clients all the time that sometimes it’s time to pivot and meet your audience; so why couldn’t I listen to myself? SSM Creative Collective wasn’t working FOR me, I was just working for it.

But…why? In this economy?! You tell me.

Social media wasn’t bringing home the bacon according to SSM’s standards. “Subpar” doesn’t exist in my dictionary, and the cost to me vs. my love for our clients didn’t align. Scaling an agency with 50+ clients, no investor backing and a list of subscriptions and overhead was putting me out of house and home.

I’m a firm believer in knowing when it’s time to pivot, and it is time to take the heart of what SSM is on a new adventure. I believe in “Go big or go home,” and guess what? I went big… and now I’m going home. That’s where the sweatpants are.

Let’s talk about the BIG F WORD – FAILURE.

It’s the elephant in the room, the shadow lurking behind every risky business decision. I used to think dodging failure was the goal. But January this year slapped some sense into me. It was a month of yuck – terminations, lease-dissolving emails, and heart-wrenching client calls.

I’ve often likened January to breaking up with a lot of people but wanting to stay friends with benefits. We’re still offering most of the services we did previously, but we’re ditching social media, a service many saw as the lifeblood of our business. Why? I don’t like it anymore. It’s not profitable, it’s just a paycheck that lets me pay my girls. It was like being stuck in a bad relationship, and I finally had the guts to say, “It’s not me, it’s you.”

BizCo Studio is all about saying “f you” to the F word. It’s not failure; it’s growth. It’s having someone in your corner that lends a hand when you f-up. And if you feel like you need to shift, trust me, your business has needed it for a while.

Perfecting the Pivot

Ross Geller from friends carrying a couch up the stairs and yelling pivot! I F-ed Up blog from SSM Business Collective

At its core, BizCo Studio is realizing that true success comes from aligning your business with your evolving values and goals. It’s a reminder that change, though scary, often leads to new beginnings.

That’s what pivoting is about — it’s not giving up, it’s stepping up, even when you’re scared. It’s f-ing up.

So, there you have it – my journey from Samm Sawyer Media to BizCo Studio.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride, filled with ups, downs, and a fair share of facepalms, but one thing is certain: embracing change is crucial in the ever-evolving business universe. It’s about recognizing when it’s time to pivot and having the guts to take that leap.

Failure isn’t a dirty word. Pivoting isn’t about admitting defeat. It’s about acknowledging that what worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. It’s about being bold enough to redefine your path and brave enough to follow it through. It’s a journey of growth, learning, and, most importantly, embracing change.

At the end of the day, it’s about giving a damn, delivering real value, and chasing those dreams. It’s about courage, wholeheartedness, hard work, and true KINDness, not just pleasantries. After all, businesses aren’t just about transactions; they’re about people, dreams, and aspirations. Why do we try to act like we all need to be robots that never rest?

So here’s to all you lovely folks considering a pivot. It’s not a goodbye to what you’ve built; it’s a chance to construct something that better aligns with what you and your brand needs.

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I F-ed Up

BizCo Studio is all about saying “f you” to the F word. It’s not failure;...

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